I want you to be okay
I don’t want you upset or hurting
I wish I could just make everything that’s hurting you disappear
Like steal you away to a place where no one knows us
Where we can start over
Maybe we both would be happy
I’d die trying to make you happy
I care about you so fucking much
No one, probably not even you could understand
I just want to see you smile...
Smiling at me..
I’m not like everyone else
I’ll prove to you that I’m different
No matter how long it takes
You are worth so much to me
Please don’t ever doubt that
I don’t ever want to be a burden to you
Or annoy you
But it would be an absolute honor if I could be the one to keep a smile on your face
It would be an honor itself just to be given the chance to try
I just want to try to be what you need
I know I’ve got some issues and you have some too but I swear that no matter what I will always be trying for you
I love you so much Tristan I can hardly breathe
All I do is think about you all day everyday
Wondering what you’re doing
How you’re feeling
Hoping you’ve texted, called, or messaged me
You’ve given me purpose once again and I can’t live without you
You are not worthless
Not to me
You are everything
You are my everything



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