Leaving footprints
Upon the seashore,
There she was strolling
With ‘er head bending down;
Following ’er footprints
I Reached there, Where she stand.
And came back, holding ‘er hand.
I kept ’er inside my boat
With ‘er head on my lap
And I did tell ’er tales
Playin’ fingers thru 'er hair
When the dreary wind came
Tightly, She embrac’d me
Resting ‘er head on my chest.
And patting on her back
I gave snog on her head
But, She was changed
With the passing of time.
And all the love I did
Was fired by money
Patching all the holes she made,
She took a brand new step,
On the boat of wealthy person;
and goes off from my life,
Without being strife .
Into the Foggy Sea,
The further she went
The more my boat sunk;
But Without caring my boat
I kept ’er watching
With eyes full of tears.
[Finally my boat was swallowed by wave]
ECZ||Sat18March 2017

[Boat is the symbolism of Life]
'chother:Each other;

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