( Enough is much of many)

Castle ~(Too many deaths, Too many family members I need to call not enough courage to give them that call, to many lessons, to many goals, to many obstacles, no clear sight at all, so many problems to many contradictions not enough religions to many demons never seen a angel so many struggles to many haters, not enough lovers, so many judges not enough Lawer’s too many grudges so many bills not enough hustles to many enemy’s not enough Friends
Too much betrayals, not enough loyalty, too many lies
Not enough truths, so many fake, not enough real, too many fears so much rejection not enough  acceptance never  had options to much aggression to much frustration to much depression, not enough passion not enough patience not enough forgiveness to many followers not enough leaders to many excuses, not enough reasons, too much life not enough living to many nightmares not enough dreaming/////

Life at the moment

Life, love, struggle,hustle,passion, relationship

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Life sure is full of a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs.


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