Death right around the corner u

CAstle ~
Consciously I feel it, subconsciously I deny it, cautiously I fight it, as I consistently remain constructive, with my conservative perspective, yet I continuously remain lucrative, but failures always appear to be our number one fear,  barely in visual eye site theirs concealed intentions that are contagious, our thoughts creating contaminated persuasive fictional contingencies that integrate false memories to control our integrity and my ability to  comprehend reality.
My limited options Leaves me stuck at a conjunction, with no direction I can’t make a decision because of reduction of my thoughts and my Memory’s restrictions No clear path seems to be the option, no words no talking nothing can fix the problem, As my Time is lapsing as my life is collapsing I can’t feel my presence in the future, i wonder if the world senses my absence in the lost of my essence, I lived with no goals or no objectives, a destructive  ending. depending  on my constituents minus my defendants I’m solo independent nobody stayed with consistence just being realistic no one risked it, I don’t blame them, yet I hate them, yet my thoughts destroy me more than my enemies ever will. I destroyed my self more than anyone ever will, how can I trust  anyone else when I can’t even trust my self

The ending is when we give up

Tha hell with the world

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