To the world

Read part one first
My SON!!!! for I am the father who you laid trust in!!
the mighty one!! spoken of in every religion,
your prayers have got my attention,
for not to worry about your enemy’s so now they are mine!!!
My SON your friends are untrustworthy for I have laid my eyes on them!!!
My SON battles are character builders of warriors the loss of a battle is no loss of a war!!!
My SON mercy never lies in the hand of me for mercy lies in the hands of the merciful!!
My son you have asked me to make your mind a weapon for I have layerEd  the path in front of you with the opportunity of knowledge and the implementation of strategy is not far from a analogy,
my son for I do not create weapons I create souls which  tragically makes weapons, everything ever told and understood is not even close to true heaven!!!
All my souls are among my selections of soldiers of the resurrection,
for the choice is yours all humans are created to make choices,
make your choice My SON!!!for your soul depends on it!!!!!!!!!!( Suda ka ala azzzemm)


Don't remmber writing every detail or why I wrote it but
I felt that I prayed for help and got it !


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