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Noticing the Ranunculus: A Slow Walk to Preschool

Walking along the steep downward trail to my preschool.
Hard concrete under my small sandaled feet,
taking slow, dawdling steps.
The gardens on either side of the path overload my senses.
The breeze encourages a butterfly to suddenly flitter and dip
over a flower bed.
My eyes follow the flight and come to rest on
circular rows of tidy, soft petals that stop me cold.
My eye eat up it up. Jumping from colour to colour.
Pale pink, sunshine yellow, raspberry red, bright white.
The mixture of colours are jarring but so gentle.
Such a surprise.
A feast for eager eyes.
“Hurry up, Sandi! You’re being too slow.”
Comes the call from my best friend’s mom,
waiting at the the bottom on the hill.
“Never mind the flowers. We’ll be late.”

My two cents: Staying on schedule is always at odds with personal discovery. But those discoveries of our early years follow us through life, catching our attention when we least expect it. These moments of discovery are the road maps to ourselves. They are the preferences that weave us into the beings we become and continue to shape our personal evolutions. Next time something stops you dead in your tracks, take it in, behold it, adore it because it is glorious and it was meant for you. If it is a pair of shoes, and they are under $100, trust me on this... buy them!

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