So young & fragile at heart. She stares at her mother with inspiration, a woman beautiful & strong at heart.
So innocent & pure at heart. She stares at her father with a sparkle in her eyes, a man with courage & strength.
She reads fairy tales, thoughts of magical visions.
Growing up, she learned the true meaning of love & hate. Her world that was once just a magical fairy tale, now a battle of truth & reality.
She looks back at her inspirational moments, a mothers love that is unconditional. A fathers love, a man closest to her heart. Wiping each tear while singing soft rhymes.
Choices, mistakes had her heart turned to stone for a little while
Laughter had her thoughts turned to dazzling photo frames for a little while.
Heartache had her world tumbling down for a little while.
Today she still dreams
Today she turns pain into words
Today she smiles even on rainy days
Her precious moments is seen in her smile
Her blissful moments is seen in her eyes
Her laughter comes from learning the meaning of love & hate.


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