To no one about no one and hoping that no one has an unwanted similar turmoil

International boat hopper.
Travelling on the Calais shopper.
Been to all the places
and hung with all the faces.
I don’t care I been everywhere.
Nearly got to Brighton but no one left the light on.
In to the darkness I drove.
Straight passed the nightlife  to fun filled hove
Then i Saw a light on thought this was Brighton.
Bingo and bowls and other shite on.
Might Spice it up and get a fight on.
It’s dead round here.
Smells of piss n beer.
Back In the car.
Need to find a real bar.
No sat nav so I’m taking a risk though.
Could have looked up some cheesy disco.
A little wiggle and some shots of whiskey.
Beer goggles on and feeling friskey.
On the pull and on the piss me.
The attraction was intense.
Nothing to lose it all makes sense.
A snog n a grope in a hidey hole corner.
Things are hotting up here with me and Lorna.
fancy sum fun but not in here.
Hotel is open n not to dear.
Lets rent a room and get hot n sticky
now I’m no stud n not that picky
but I had to leave cos things got tricky.
While getting it on I was to discover.
Lorna was not quite my sexy blonde lover.
The after sex cig set fire to her wig
she looked a right mess
as it set fire to her dress
if I  had known there would be no issue
but flames shout out from the rolled up tissue  
Watch out Lorna ya tits are burning.
realizing how the table was turning
Lorna has balls n is phased by nowt.
Apart from when her cock dropped out.
Looking quite scared and turning bright red.
my name isnt Lorna its really fred.
This can’t be true it must be a set up.
Then I heard my mum shout time to get up.
I’m home in my bed.
No sign of Fred.
No remorse or no feeling of dread.
My Lorna Fred nightmare was all my head.
Lesson learned ............ Nuff said


just a crazy story that just developed on paper from a brain overload or temporary spate of insanity

funny rude adult brighton

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almost 5 years

Watch out for Lorna's alright. Thank for ur great comment x

almost 5 years

hahaha! this is hilarious! I enjoyed this! Watch out for Lornas

Najiyah C
over 6 years

whoa! Nice! And no, I don't get offended. I swear 24/7 myself anyway. And I read loads of poems with swear words in, but some of them don't even have much meaning and they shouldn't have taken the 'risk' of using those words.
But this poem's cool.

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