It's not what you think

I comes I’m threes or so they say
With me it seems it’s three a day
First the car and then my pay
Is my bad luck going to go away
If it can, it will go wrong
My fuck ups happen all day long
It’s Bing for me  as I lost the bong
I’d forget the words if I sang a song
Why does it always happen to me
I’m not a bad person as far as I see
If it can it will end in tatters
But all in context none of it matters
There are times when it’s all gone well
Luck came along amongst this hell
I got my share . But all in one hit
I can’t complain not one little bit
If I had a choice Id choose it like this
For one bit of luck gave me lifelong bliss
So keep your luck on a daily basis
As I get to kiss the most beautiful of faces
My one bit of luck happened out of the blue
Cos I used all my luck up , when I met you xxxx


Love story

Feel good. Make the best of it all

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plus de 6 ans

Talk to me. I'm cautious to help as you are young and people think wrong. I'm only trying to be there to stop you doing anything silly. [email protected] talk to me and let help. Nothin weird for the record

Najiyah C
plus de 6 ans

I think I already have. Some people think that a child's mind and an adult's mind are very different; the adult's is so aware and knowledgeable and the child's is so oblivious. Sometimes I think it 's the other way round.

plus de 6 ans

Hi ya sorry to hear that if you need some advice or anything don't go doing anything you may regret. You are smart young person and it all good to come but that's a choice you make and then you make it happen. I know this cos I've had it rough in the past :)

Najiyah C
plus de 6 ans

I'm fine bro. As for what's new? Not alotta things. My life's real shhiit these days.

plus de 6 ans

Thank you. How's you n what's new

Najiyah C
plus de 6 ans

Sweet dude. Real sweet.

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