About stuff

Were all on a mission
the mission of stuff
We don’t need permission
But I think we have enough
I’ve got loads now and all of its mine
I must have had a use for it at that moment in time
But as time goes by its looses it’s function
Now it’s just junk no chance of consumption
So Now it’s time to use my stuff
But to locate it now is really tough
So yes I know I shouldn’t have bought it
Without it I’ve no chance to sort it
So here I go off in a huff
Buying another thing to add to the stuff.
So yes I know it
I’m night as well throw it
Cos I’ve got stuff piles by the tonne
But Is useless to me til I get another one
So all this stuff as you can see
Is no fucking use to you or me.


Just stuff

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Oh - Amen to that, dude!

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