Kingdous original

You have captured me shining the light of confidence
With a grace that only angels can bring down from heaven
To this dark unsettled wondering soul
There is no descriptive definition of this feeling of
Serenity that you have brought to my very existence
I have now awaken from the dream that I am untamed
Traveling nomadically with raw anger
My ignorance and selfish ways have been overshadowed
For now you have educateed me in the joys of love
Beautiful dedicated passion with your melodious
Voice that soothes me in troubled times
You are my queen
My muse
Thank you for guiding me to the ever flowing river
Of love

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Mary Magdalene apostole of the heart
about 4 years

Wow grace, the highest of the feelings known to man.
Such deep significance in this poem like some one who has realized the Concept of Christ/satanmind
Give/take mind.
Like some one who tasted that bit of what they call enlightenment.
Latch on to dear one and let it guide you into healing.
There is nothing that can stop you once the connection is made,
unless you forget.
Wonderful write up, truly caught mine EYE on a spiritual level.
Hope this state of awareness stays with Good Soul.


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