Kingdous original

Is this real I cannot see past my self for I know I am
the true definition of selfishness I have resentment
and dis like in my heart and mind my soul screams
of unjust treatment I have all of these evil atributes
yet I know love I feel and may even cry if hurt
I care for those who hate me I wish great thing for
those that cheat me I admire and respect the
untrust worthy
am I a true child of darkness or am I in gods light
being persecuted by the misdeeds of the wicked.
I think of all the events leading to this
straw on the humps of agony and hate riding
my back but still I m inspired to smile
for I know the light of truth never shines
on the unjust or ungodly
I pray for peace for I am at war with the devil
and he is aggressive in obtaining my soul.

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