She now sleeps alone in the dark.
By herself she has to find herself.
It’s dark, she’s blinded.
Afraid and alone.
She has one option and one alone.
It’s either to go home and find another way,
Or stay and say her prayers.
What she wants is where she’s now.
She wants more but waits for how and when and how.
She knows why she’s here.
Yet she’s blinded by fear.
Her heart pounds.
Her head runs around.
Happy as can be.
Yes, confused as she.
Bravery that’s all that’s left.
Continue with what lies ahead.
Look behind and that’s all that’s left.
She had nothing but the love she stayed for.
She needs more yet her heart is at a bitter test.
She’s hungry for me but has want the heart wants.
She waits and waits.
Her answers are there but she’s left in the dark
She can’t see a thing.
She’s holding on blinded for on thing called love.
That’s all she has left.
That’s all that’s enough.
She doesn’t understand how love is so dark.
She can’t understand, this is more than art.
More than her poerty.

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