is it an undisclosed intamacy pledge ?

will you?

If i tell you, will you kiss and tell?
I haven’t told anybody else.
If i showed you, would  you accept it?
Will  you take me with your amorous hit?
I have an urge to let you.
I can show you a thing or two.
Now tell me, can i offer you my wondrous fruits.
Can i offer you a plate as sweet as eve’s forbidden pursuit.
If i let you taste it will you treasure it and  me?
Will you have it every morning and evening with tea,
or will you just hit and run like in the derby?
It might seem like its only flirting, yet its all yearning.
I want to know, see i am giving,
and so i want to if you are receiving.
This strong desire for you, stranger.
See will only happen, once you’re willing to return the favor.


About a girl asking a guy whether or not his willing to be serious about her , if she gives him a chance at courting her.


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