Talking to myself

It's for all of us

I live without waiting.
I am impatient to not just exist.
Even a canvas can hold a great story.
Run wild in the streets of this town and tell yours.
Listening to the songs of the birds, not just hearing it.
Dance to the tune like you just don’t care.
I am young at heart.
Fire is my soul.
Gravity holds me close.
I swim in air each day.
The rain washes my sins away at night.
I am wild at soul.
Grow, but not old.
Live and never die.
Feel as much as you can.
Dine with legends, be one.
Eat as much as they feed you, but not poison.
Forgive, so that you may learn to accept.
Forget not, so that you may learn.
Fly if you are given wings.
Do not live on previous chapters.
Do not live too little.
One day given, can be lost within seconds.
So I live without waiting.

Im alive

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