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Shenita Etwaroo


Step into the light
Let go of your shroud of clouds
Your shade and your shadows.

Turn your face up
to the warmth of the sun
and the bright stars.

Light can be scary
It reveals
cracks, scars, bruises, tears.

In the light
others see you,
and you must see yourself.

But be brave
be bold.
Light will show you the world around.

Light will lift you up,
energize you,
help you grow.

Like sunshine
fueling a flower,
light will lift you up towards the sky

So step into the light
and find a world
that’s new and bright.

I am more than a genetically modified organism
That was constructed for scientific research.
I am more than just pretty colors and silly talking tricks
Caged upon this perch.

My body was created for a purpose
Other than your dinner plate.
Why must you kick and hit, scream and scold
Then lock me for hours in this lonely crate?

My soul cries out as I am forced to work
Beyond my strength and will.
Although I push with all my might,
You are only standing still.

I am more than just a breeding factory
Giving birth to endless brood.
Only for my children to be torn from me
And sold away as food.

How would you feel if someone cut away your hair
And turned it into a coat?
Only for a thoughtless soul
To parade around and gloat.

That overpriced purse you clutch
Was constructed from my skin.
For years I’ve been living in restrictive pain.
I’m starting to wear thin.

I’m more than your convenience
Your entertainment or nutrition.
I have feelings. I have desires.
I even have ambition.

© Shenita Etwaroo

You are my endless sunshine,
I used to sing to you;
my bunny oh-so-fine,
and it is still very true.

When the sun rises in the sky,
I think of you in a better place,
when it sets I wonder why,
I can’t look upon your face.

I know that Jesus has reasons,
that he gave you to me to heal,
that you were meant for only a season,
to teach me how love could feel.

Still it is hard to accept,
that you have risen so high,
at times I do sob and regret,
and at times I have to ask why.

But when these moments come,
I can feel your presence close,
and I feel that while I’m lonesome,
your whiskers still tickle my toes.

I see your fluffy soft fur,
above in clouds of white,
I hear your loving purr,
when I look at the sun so bright.

I know you’re still my sunshine,
lighting my way from above;
I know your guidance is mine,
that I still have your love.

It can be hard  to move onward,
but I know you want me to,
I can feel you nudging me forward,
to savor the sky so blue.

Your companionship was a blessing,
I am grateful for all we shared,
even while I am left guessing,
why I lost the one who cared.

Sometimes I still sing to you,
and wonder if you can hear;
I wonder if it could be true,
that you could still be near.

I sit and think of memories,
how you could bolt so fast,
how we shared so many stories,
and treasured the days that passed.

Sometimes I still sing to you,
I know that you can hear,
I know now that it is true,
that you are still so near.

I call out to you to play,
and I laugh as I recall your hop,
I still remember the way,
that your long ears would flop.

Yes, you are my sunshine,
I know you will always be,
you want all my moments in time
to be fulfilling, and happy.

In your honor, dear Neo,
I will look for the light,
even when it’s too dark to know,
and I feel lost in the night.

I will strive to live once again,
with the joy you gave to me,
I am determined not to spend,
each day in pain, and lonely.

You taught me to discern,
who is really a friend;
let the rest of the bridges burn;
if a love causes death, let it end.

You taught me to believe,
that I deserve a love as bright,
as the sunshine for which I grieve,
and to which I still hold tight.

I know what it is to love,
and how a love should feel;
with you so high above,
Your light still helps me heal.

It’s often overlooked a lot
Victim’s not sharing what they’ve got
Denial is a common plot
When help may be their only shot

If you’re able to understand
That there is a problem at hand
Acknowledgement’s the first of plans
In standing up against demands

It happens with the ones you love
Trying to place themselves above;
They cannot push around and shove
Where hope is all you can think of

Abuse is often found in words
Emotionally left deterred
Physically too, more pain is stirred
Either way, neither is preferred

They’ll do it with a common goal
To feel like they are in control
Whether a part or as a whole
The victim’s body takes a toll

It’s often paralyzed with fear
Whenever the abuser’s near
If they put guilt inside your ear
Consequences can be severe

Once you’re aware that you’re in need
You can be helped from this, indeed
No longer with your life concede
Instead, you’ll feel as you were freed.

She huddles against the grit of a brick wall,
In the grime of the alleyway,
Unable to keep warm,
The knife of hunger in her belly,
Too tired to look for food.
A stranger walks by, frowns at her,
His lip curled,
And her instinct is to run
Before she is struck again,
Simply for living on the streets.
Every now and then, someone kind
Will give her a scrap of food,
Even say something in a warm tone
That makes her feel less like
Garbage scattered across the alley
That she calls home.
She often wonders if her situation
Would be considered any more tragic
If she were a human being starving in the cold.

© Shenita Etwaroo

I found you
under a tree
so small I almost didn’t see you,
leg bent
tiny wings outspread.

I took you in and thought
“I’m giving you a gift,”
a second chance at life.

I gave you shelter,
a soft space,
food from an eye dropper,
all gifts
meant to sustain your life.

When you moved,
you fluttered,
as if every step was electric.

Your quiet peeps
and downy feathers
embodied a lively
and gentle soul.

Your body,
so small
and delicate
seemed to be life itself.

When your life flew away,
I knew you had lived a life
short but pure.

I realized
that despite what I had given you
you had given me the true gift.

My heart is very strange altogether:
At times it’s covered in fur all around,
Or wool, skin or even feathers,
Depending on what animal I’ve found!

For no human love is more pure or true
Than a beloved pet, a love so strong,
And full of simple beauty, through and through,
A love which remains as a life is long.

A human, with a flawed human heart, may
Love on his own terms; but a pet I know
Who snuggles close on a wintery day
Loves no matter which way the wind doth blow.

And so I resign my heart and my mind
To the great love of rabbits, cats, dogs, and their kind.

We grow up loving every creature paws, in awe at every feature, we learn to love, as we’re loved back, a quality no person lacks.

But somehow through the time we find, not everyone’s hearts intertwine.Some evil dwells among our earth, So unaware of a true worth.

Many may find it rather fine, to consume animals like swine, but how they’re treated is a sign, that many people cross the line.

We don’t see first hand what’s at stake, when all we have to do is bake.Our plates don’t seem to tell it all, all of the cries behind the walls.

From slaughterhouses nationwide, to right at home, there is no pride, abusing helpless animals, adds fire to the mildest lull.

Luckily some have taken stand, regardless of the high demand, standing up proud against abuse, distributors have been cut loose.

If everyone is more aware, perhaps we can spread out more care, and break the crash off every wave, more animals can still be saved.

I will always love the way you smelled like sweet vanilla bliss,
The way you’d grind your bunny teeth, and share a bunny kiss.

I will always love how you could dry my eyes when I was down,
You knew just the touch I’d need, to vanish my every frown.

I will always love how you gave me hope, whenever I was ill,
When my life was looking grim, you gave me some extra thrill.

I will always love how you were there, even when I was wrong,
I had made some bad decisions, but you were never mad for long.

I will always love the memory of when we first linked eyes;
From right then I knew we’d be a match, with very special ties.

I will always love your selflessness, yet how you stuck around,
When I felt my feet were losing grip, you kept them on the ground.

I will always love how you would wait for me to return home,
And when I appeared you would act as though I’d just taken a throne.

Such a tiny friend, with such a true heart, one larger than more than a few,
I will always cherish the fact that you were able to love me.

There’s a smile on my lips,
it belongs to you,
Because joy makes my heart flips when
inspired by you.

Where once I believed
there was only loss and heartache,
you eased everything I grieved,
just when I was sure it was more than I could take.

There is a sparkle in my eye,
that belongs to you too,
because you gave me back the sky,
raindrops and the first morning dew.

When once I had lost sight,
of all things beautiful and pure,
you reminded me to delight,
and that love will always endure.

There is faith in my heart,
that belongs to you as well,
because you gave me back what I knew from the start,
that inside of me His spirit does always dwell.

Your gentleness and your affection,
taught me of His unconditional love,
and that God asks not for perfection,
but only that I seek His wisdom from above.

There is forgiveness in my soul,
it’s something that to me you gave,
when I was certain I could never be whole,
when I didn’t think there was anything left of me to save.

You held me in your loving gaze,
and reminded me that I deserved life,
life beyond this painful haze,
life without such isolation and strife.

When I think of the love we share,
it brings tears to my eyes,
and those belong to you too,
because out of gratitude they rise.

I can’t imagine my life without you in it,
even though I never imagined I would have you,
and now we are a perfect fit,
that I never knew could come true.

Words cannot convey
the blessings daily I now receive,
all because you came into my life one day,
and reminded me to love, to forgive, and to believe.

© Shenita Etwaroo

If we see ourselves as living beings
Things are quite straightforward seeing
Yet our neighbors right beside us feel
The bias in this whole ordeal

All animals exist in life
But we commit to bring a knife
Such tragic slicing, with no buffer
We observe as creatures suffer

Can we see ourselves in place
To be dissected, head to waist
Does it make one feel awful when
They put themselves in that spot then?

It sounds absurd because it is
It’s simply evil to dismiss
All righteousness we’ve had since birth
We’re taught to love all on the earth

Infinite ways to test our drugs
Replace those knives with little hugs
We don’t need any sacrifice
Instead some ears to hear advice

We need to keep all life alive
And find new methods to survive
No vivisection’s life or death
So let’s give them another breath.

My angel from the wild,
I will always miss you.
My sweet and precious child,
we lived together, and grew.

You are the best thing,
that’s happened in my life,
you taught me to savor everything,
and leave behind my strife.

I hold you in my heart still,
though your body may be gone;
with your spirit my heart does fill,
reminding me to be strong.

You will never be replaced,
we grew close in so many ways;
I am grateful that you graced,
every one of my very best days.

It will be hard to move forward,
and in truth I may never recover,
but I know you would urge me toward
a bold new path for me to discover.

I will hold close everything you taught,
about true love, and peace,
about the inspiration that can be caught,
while watching clouds that never cease.

I will never forget the trust,
that you always placed in me,
or how my smile was a must,
when you wiggled your nose at me.

To some you were just a bunny,
but to me you were so much more,
you were charming and funny,
you showed me love I’d not known before.

My companion, my pal, my friend,
you and I found a way to have fun.
We’ll have that chance, again,
when our separation is finally undone.

Your eyes were filled with love,
your beautiful self shone through;
you eased each cloud above,
and reminded me of what was true.

When I felt lost or alone,
you would always share with me
the sweetest love I’ve ever known;
it pulled me from my misery.

If I did wrong, now and then,
you guided me in a loving direction,
and reminded me, again and again,
of your steadfast, undying affection.

In your eyes I could not do wrong;
you taught me to see beauty,
to know that I will always be strong,
and that in my heart I am free.

You always remind me to stop,
and to smell the beautiful flowers,
and with your eager bounce and hop,
you wielded your healing powers.

I ask Jesus to take you into his fold,
so that you will be at peace,
until you I once more might hold,
and feel some relief from this grief.

I pray you no longer know pain,
and that you will always be happy,
my loss is heaven’s truest gain,
until once more it’s just you and me.

Then Neo, we will be together,
not just for a season or a time,
then it will truly be forever,
with endless paths and hills to climb.