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Shenita Etwaroo


How can I complain,
about the trials that come,
about the thunder or the rain,
when all my loneliness is done.

Whatever may unfold,
I can greet it with a smile,
because in my heart your love I hold,
it carries me through mile after mile.

The tears I once shed,
seem distant and foreign,
since the prayer that I said,
has let me let you in.

In moments of crisis and uncertainty,
when justice is far from my view,
all it takes is your love to remind me,
that the world has become brand new.

Now I walk bravely with my head held high,
now I am grateful for the ground beneath my feet,
now when there is a dark and gloomy sky,
I still feel safe and complete.

Let the thorns pierce my skin,
let the storms rage through,
let the emotions rumble within,
as long as I have you to turn to.

There is no longer a plead to make,
as I have been fulfilled,
by a love that will never shake,
a love that God mercifully willed.

May 18th, 2010;
the day it rained forever.
I had no idea, just then,
but it was our last day together.

I had felt your need to leave,
so many days before;
although I had to grieve,
I wished you to suffer no more..

I had long fought for you,
and you, always, for me;
this time there was nothing to do,
It was simply meant to be.

I felt the raindrops that day,
as they fell hard on my skin;
we’d seen our last chance to play,
to live in happiness, as we’d been.

It was a day of deepest pain,
but also a day of mercy;
I knew you couldn’t remain,
suffering, and so very sickly.

I wanted to keep you with me,
to wrap you up in my arms,
I wanted you to be healthy,
I wanted to keep you from harm.

But the hardest part of love
is having to say goodbye.
I told you to enjoy life above,
and tried to hold back when I cried.

I thanked you for your presence,
for the way you brightened each day
from a lonely and boring existence,
to a chance to laugh and play.

Those words were the hardest to speak,
to say it was okay to go,
but I could see that your body weak,
it was important to let you know:
you didn’t need to hold on for me,
you could allow yourself to find peace.

The time you’d spent making me happy,
would comfort me in my grief.
I held you in my arms that night,
as the hours each passed by,
You were there, still in my sight,
but I knew you’d long said goodbye.

I felt your warm bunny-fur
until all trace of warmth faded;
I never thought that day would occur,
my feelings were complicated.

Despite the torment I felt  
you looked so peaceful and serene,
though I hated what I had been dealt,
there was no pain to be seen.

I asked Jesus to take you asleep,
to find gently his loving embrace;
I knew He would always keep
you warm, and happy, and safe.

It was time to let you go;
I didn’t think I could be tough,
I loved you so deeply, and so,
I knew life without you would be rough.

I couldn’t quite see it then,
through my tears and the endless rain,
but we’ll be together again,
and your joy you far outweighs the pain.

From day one you inspired me,
and still to this instant in time,
to always strive to be happy,
to not forget the love that is mine.

I did not simply lose a pet,
I lost a big part of me,
the very best part yet,
the part that had set me free.

I know that you see me still,
that you share your bunny kisses;
though I feel your presence, and will,
your warmth my heart still misses.


All things designed with one purpose:
to block pain.
Dim pain,
shut it out,
make it better.

What if pain
has something to teach us?
What if pain
is a sign?
What if pain
is something we can gain from?

Pain is hard,
but pain shows us
where our problems are.

Pain hurts,
but pain tells us
we can be stronger.

Pain is rough,
it chafes,
breaking us down
and eating away at us.

But sometimes,
out of pain,
a new
and stronger
and healthier
person emerges.

They grow up as Daddy’s big boy and as Mommy’s little angel,
Innocence all so angelic, every single little girl.

Though it seems that every angel has a place in the sky,
Many harsh realities leave people tearing at the eye.

All throughout the world these little girls are often at risk,
The inevitable chance in which they’ll end in the abyss.

Millions falling victim every year, the worst of any crime
While to save a kidnapped child is a race against time.

Some are kidnapped for their labor, others worse to fit the bill.
Either way, this trafficking is always done against their will.

Luckily, attempts are being made to slow this evil down.
Governments and organizations arriving town-by-town.

If we strengthen laws and policies, they’ll impact life for sure.
More protection and prevention for the children we adore.

Child labor laws will parallel our law enforcement drive.
Every ounce of effort will improve our future as we thrive.

Education and healthcare that they need will help as well,
Safety in communities to aid where our children dwell.

If we work as one, in time we’ll see a better, safer place.
Where we’ll smile back to little smiles planted on their face.

My love is a lamp filled with light,
that burns through the night.
Even when the rain falls,
It can’t get through these walls.

It’s a flame that is strong,
and it will burn bright and long,
even when the wind gusts,
my lamp still shines as it must.

The wandering storm that approaches,
rages and rolls as it broaches,
but not even its lightning can strike down my light,
not even its thunder can silence love’s might.

This love is a chain,
formed of links that withstand pain.

This love can not break,
no matter the pressure it is forced to take.

The lamp and the burning flame inside,
is formed of every tear I’ve ever cried.

It is formed with every cell of my being,
and every dream that I’m still seeing.

It shed its light for you,
and burned for both of us true.

You were there, you were always there,
when what I needed most was your care.

Not matter how hot my love flamed,
you were always shining, sparkling, never ashamed.

Your love became part of the light inside my lamp,
that nothing could ever completely stamp.

Even when the thunder began to roll,
and the raging storm took its toll,
even when from me you were stole,
I know that my flame is still whole.
Because no matter what the storm brings,
no matter how fierce the thunder sings,
my love is this lamp shining bright,
my love is every day and every night.

Though you are not with me,
you can never leave me,
though I grieve you,
I can never be without you.

We are one,
a kinship that can never be done,
my lamp shelters your love,
as it shelters my love,
and it burns, and it burns, and it burns.

It’s been happening forever, and it still exists today
There are no signs of demise
Only too much suffering.

Bullying affects those who are bullied, but they’re not alone
Those who bully are victims
Even witnesses are victims.

The effects of bullying are damaging to all
Mental health, substance abuse, and even suicide
There is no limit to its impact.

Knowing what is considered bullying is very important
Threats, spreading rumors, physical and verbal aggression
They’re all examples of bullying.

Knowing why people bully is also important
Whether it be social or family issues, power, or cultural
It must be confronted.

We don’t have to run from witnessing bullying.
It’s important to talk to others about it
You can save someone’s life.

We must stand up to bullying.
Tell someone, stand strong, and do not show any weakness.
You can make it.  You can do it.

We live one life.
That’s all we get.
One chance to decide how we are going to live it.
Does anyone let you determine their life?
Does anyone let you make their decisions?
Should anyone be allowed to choose yours?
You may not agree with how others live.
You may not agree with how others feel.
But it’s their choice.  Their decision.Their Life.
You DO get to control one person, though.
What you believe in is your choice.
Your values are exactly what they should be.
If you think it is right, it is right.
If you think it is wrong, it is wrong.
The mind has infinite power.
And you control it all.
If you compromise, you will lose power.
If you stand up for yourself, you will grow.
You will build self-confidence.
You will develop self-respect.
You will build integrity.
Your independent self will prosper.
No false witness.
No confusion.
No illusion.
Only truth.

Life is like a grain of sand.
A grain of sand lies at the bottom of the sea.Just off the shore.
Only feet from the place where the waves kiss the beach ever so softly.
This tiny piece of sand is just one of millions
That collectively form the floor of the ocean.
Oh the life of this grain. This tiny fleck of sand and all that it does see.
It sits idly as the tides roll in and out overhead.
But, it is violently uprooted by the sudden force of a stormy surge.
It floats along to the rhythm of the powerful waves.
And slowly drifts away from the coastline.
It falls into the deepest waters and wanders through leagues of darkness.
But, eventually, the grain is swept to the surface.
Where the sunshine warms the grain of sand and reminds it of the sky’s beauty.
It swims past some of the most stunning sea creatures and colorful coral formations.
It brushes against graceful ocean beings as they elegantly glide through clear waters.
It encounters ominous predators, deep caverns, and dark holes.
And just when it gets to used to the glowing daylight,
Dusk slips into night.
Some grains travel around the world, while other grains stay on the same beach.
Some flecks sift through the innocent hands of a curious child
While others are stuck to the bottom of feet and carried away from sandy shores.
Some grains are collected and stored in a jar.
And others blow away with the wind.
Some grains have a marvelous story to tell,
Of all the places they’ve been and the things that they’ve seen.
Some grains may not have much of an exciting past.
And others never leave the dark.
But each grain of sand is a vital part of the whole.
A component of the shore that completes the beach
That creates a surface for the crashing waves and the floor of a magnificent sea.
The sand wouldn’t feel the same beneath our feet without each grain.

Promises have been whispered before,
from my lips,
from the lips of friends and more,
but none quite like this.

Each word I speak,
is one I intend to keep,
my promise will never be weak,
made by a heart no longer asleep.

Each breath I take,
is sacred to me,
because it is drawn for your sake,
for you, I will always be good.

What makes me alive
is the joy in your eyes,
what inspires me to survive
is the love that came as a surprise.

It has been a long journey so far,
brutal and unkind,
but I still sought magic in the stars,
and hoped I might yet still find
a warmth like your embrace,
a beautiful soul like you,
an angel with a familiar face,
a dream that actually came true.

I whispered my prayers each night,
I sought the promise of tomorrow,
I dreamed and lost myself in the delight
of a fantasy that whisked away all of my sorrow.

I knew you long before
we ever had the opportunity to meet,
you were the reason I was sure,
that tragedy could not deal love a defeat.

Just when I might have given in,
when I might have surrendered to solitude,
my heart you did win,
and I can’t ever fully express my gratitude.

My life is now in full bloom,
my love is bursting from deep within me,
like a fountain washing away the gloom,
and finally, truly, setting me free.

That is why I whisper this promise to you,
words sacred between you and I,
that my love will always be true,
that it will belong to you until the day I die.

Perhaps beyond, with angels wings,
our love will still grow,  
and my heart will continue to sing,
for the joy I finally know.

We grow up loving every creature paws, in awe at every feature, we learn to love, as we’re loved back, a quality no person lacks.

But somehow through the time we find, not everyone’s hearts intertwine.Some evil dwells among our earth, So unaware of a true worth.

Many may find it rather fine, to consume animals like swine, but how they’re treated is a sign, that many people cross the line.

We don’t see first hand what’s at stake, when all we have to do is bake.Our plates don’t seem to tell it all, all of the cries behind the walls.

From slaughterhouses nationwide, to right at home, there is no pride, abusing helpless animals, adds fire to the mildest lull.

Luckily some have taken stand, regardless of the high demand, standing up proud against abuse, distributors have been cut loose.

If everyone is more aware, perhaps we can spread out more care, and break the crash off every wave, more animals can still be saved.

It’s a steady sound,
despite my grief,
it continues to pound,
fluttering and brief,
but oh so very strong,
because it is filled with you,
and the type of love that wrote every song,
and made every dream come true.

It beats within me,
even as a tear is shed,
it reminds me of what used to be,
and the words that we once said.
I love you forever,
and ever,
and ever...

The moon rises,
with its milky light,
and its soulful surprises,
in which most delight.

I stare into the sky,
waiting for a sign,
an explanation for why
you can no longer be mine.

I feel it then as the stars shine,
a whisper of the wind,
a reminder that you are always mine,
in the caress of the breeze against my skin.

You are there still and always,
you are there speaking through my heart,
of all of the wonderful ways
that we are not actually apart.

Love does not come and go,
love is what creates us from the start,
love is what we’re made of, this I know,
and love is what counts the beats of my heart.

Though the night is long,
and the distance may seem great,
I know that our love is truly strong,
so strong that nothing can separate.

My heart belongs to you,
it beats with the rhythm of your voice,
everything I do is all for you,
now I hear again, and can rejoice.

My heart is very strange altogether:
At times it’s covered in fur all around,
Or wool, skin or even feathers,
Depending on what animal I’ve found!

For no human love is more pure or true
Than a beloved pet, a love so strong,
And full of simple beauty, through and through,
A love which remains as a life is long.

A human, with a flawed human heart, may
Love on his own terms; but a pet I know
Who snuggles close on a wintery day
Loves no matter which way the wind doth blow.

And so I resign my heart and my mind
To the great love of rabbits, cats, dogs, and their kind.