Young Jolly Roger, just a boy and already grown.
Watching the hourglass flap across the sky,
A red heart fading with his own.
The choppy seas, they make him sick,
but he holds himself up well.
Hiding his frailties from the the 'mates, comrades in his hell.
Fight on my boy, fight on;
There’s treasure yet to steal.
Fight on my boy, fight on;
and plenty of time to heal.
A single tear streaks his eye, one more drop in the endless sea.
The past can’t see him stranded here;
What if he simply ceased to be?
Maybe he’d wake on solid ground,:
Find a lotus to keep him tame.
More like he’d come to solid grey’s
Of the sea, come out to claim.
Fight on my boy, fight on;
The sun will come again.
Fight on my boy, fight on;
A burning light to dry the pain.


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