Break down the waiting walls
They stretch your patience thin
Find the strength in your release
To unleash the hell within
This simple space can’t hold you down
Nor the chains held in their eyes
Breathe hard, don’t let stagnation drown
Shatter the sameness you despise
Plaster plasters, plastered in red
Break the glass, your skin, your veins
Dripping blood; rage in your head
Screaming dizzy, scream in pain
Shaking heads, voices anoint
A failed specimen, try again
Let them writhe, you disappoint
Show them how far you’ve gone insane
Snake toungue licks lips
A devious glee
Ignoring quips
Staying happy
Exit, take it to your own
There’s no place for you now
No one to throw you another bone
Nothing to show you how
And that’s how it should have been
Learn from your mistakes
Fail and fall and never win
Whatever toll loneliness takes


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