A tale about misguided obsession.

The fog reflects and masks my soul;
The poor victim will never know.
I’ve been watching her movements
This entire time.
Thin legs, curves lead to supple breasts;
She thinks she’s different from the rest.
Ah youth, how misguided
Sweet meat on easy prey.
“Hey cutie, hop into my car!
Where are we going? It’s not far;
You’ll never have a better time this life.”
You’re first will be your last,
So relax, don’t finish up too fast:
Take your time, and shed another tear.
No masks, no fault, no fear to show
I want every one to know
I’m the reason that came with none at all
They cry, just like she cried
Scream in my face the way she died
And I stare blankly, do they think it means a thing?
My own demise is drawing near,
I smile, it’s not long now my dear
Your killer comes to follow on your trail
Will it be heaven or in hell?
We’ll be united just as well;
No one on this earth is innocent these days
It fills me with a joy
To know I’ll use you like a toy
Your paradise will whither as it’s mine
So inject me with the numb
“You can’t escape love, here I come”
And thank justice that they’re giving you to me.


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about 7 years

I've personally never heard it, I'll have to check it out :D
I had this daydream awhile back about aid guided man who expressed his love in stalking the victim through this life and any other, and it seemed so perversely entertaining that I had to write it out.

Payne in Pleasure
about 7 years

Damn... This actually reminds me heavily of a song from Mudvayne. "A New Game".

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