He stays up late at night
Pondering the black and white
Can’t find the spot he’s filling
What’s filling up won’t set him right
Wishes he could see
A reason for him to be
She Pushed to drive him harder
Pushed to keep him brave
Lost track of where she lead him
Lead him down into the grave
And she freed him, needing, breeding, seeding the dark stuff
Fears and doubts, pushing pushing, not enough
Gotta keep him chained up lest he run away from us
He stalks the darkened corners
Sharp and skinny like a knife
He sees the life he’s living
But is he living his own life?
And he’s kneeling, feeling, reeling, dealing with the pain
Deep inside, his tears falling like the rain
Echoes like a bullet shooting straight on through his brain
The  candle melts away; feels it pushing through his skin
Burning as it hardens, a shell to keep them  from getting in
Sees the path he’s walking
But he doesn’t see where to begin
Wishes he could see
A reason for him to be
He lays down out of sunlight
Basking fully in the shade
Wonders where he’s heading
With the unsteady ground he’s made
And he wonders if he’ll see
A reason for him to be


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Tyler Steven Clark
over 6 years

This has great rhyme and meaning, very we'll done


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