The young one tries to be a man
By proceeding through the day,
Slaying fierce monstrosities
In imaginative play.
With time’s passage, the knowledge grows
And the ideal warps in their mind;
Remaining strong and righting wrongs,
Whatever they can find .
Maturity comes along and says
Good deeds are not assured to you
Sometimes simply lending an ear
Is all that one can do.
This conflicts the growing knight a bit
What good are forces that leave no change?
But to save them from an early grave
The definition must rearrange
Perhaps, outside of fantasy
When good intention can still fail
The best that one can really do
Is try their hardest to prevail
Hard work doesn’t guarantee
That every thing will be alright
But at the end of every passing day
Be proud you’ve held your inner light
For heroes are like all of us
They breathe, they age, they die
But their namesake sticks for keeping true
And holding their heads towards the sky


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Payne in Pleasure
over 7 years

Well said. Seems it's only in moments of true calamity that we find either the strength to stand, or the lack thereof that allows us to fall.

over 7 years

I wish I'd written this...similar style to me and I love your message......:) PS preaching to the converted has immense value in affirmation and fellowship.......thanks......:)

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Amen :)Well said!

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