I’ve got a phone and it buzzes
And there’s always something to be said there;
I hold your spot in the line
Because I really truly do care.
I put gas into my car and it sees me pretty far,
I installed a set of breaks so that you could see it better.
I’m a bomb
Flashing red like on the sitcoms;
I guess Oppenheimer met my Mom.
I create progress when I go off;
Wanna see me make some?
The buzzer lights up green and we’re really gonna win some!
We’re in the bonus round
And my feet are  bouncing off the ground;
Every second counts from now,
We will make it or will we drown?
I’ll need the air if we’re going to go down there;
You take my breath away
So it’s only fair that you share.
Maybe together
We can float above the weather;
Hot air balloons, birds of a feather
Can it get much better?
Who’s looking for better?


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presque 6 ans

Thanks Cory! Glad you support me in my endeavors :D

Cory Garcia
presque 6 ans

This one sings!

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