I: Trust and Obey II: What wondrous love is this? III: Blessed Assurance IV: At the Feet

“Walk in the light of His Word”
The ladies say
with the hallowed echoes of their voice;
“Trust and obey”
What wonders they perform
to the ever-curious mind
of a young and hopeless little boy,
lost in the hymnals of his books.
Awaiting the beat of angel’s wings;
he hears them come and go.
With every fist, every belted twist,
every teardrop in the snow.
God’s gift must bring treasure’s great;
could He at least bring peace of mind
to the tender boughs of innocence?
No fault of ours, and never mind.
“Trust and obey”
Even outside the holy gaze
the sacred words still wring true
to the adolescent, anchored now;
courageous through and through.
A beacon to the angel, then,
lost along her way;
who robs the boy of all his words
when the ethereal robes do sway;
“O soul, my soul!”
What a wondrous love is this;
lifted upon hearts and palms,
with guiding nature of the psalms.
But with each light, a coming night;
and it was never meant to be.
As the angel beats her lilting wings,
he knows the bird must be set free.
“While millions join the free, I will sing”.
O, what a forestaste of the divine
to grow upon a blight, this heart of mine;
lost now, as I am.
The angel keeps coming back
to tease me on my way,
a bait so great to one so thick
with none and greatest pain.
“Praise to the risen king!”
Death could not hold you, you are victorious;
a greater man than me.
With every love, and every feather
fallen from her wing.
The question comes, time and again
as each journey’s seen it’s way to end;
“Will I see you on the path again?”
My best to you, my greatest friend.
“Praise to the risen king”
At the feet of consequence,
in that time when all else sours,
broken hearts, receiving of
the sapping strength of gospel’s power.
So great are we, with grief and joy, to reach such holy words;
“Experience in my misery, for your love I praise the Lord!”
At the feet of an expanse unknown,
Risen now for me.
I shall sing the journey’s hymnals
through eternity;
“There a humble learner
Would I choose to be.”

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