There’s something to be said here, but I I’m lacking in the way
To describe what blooms within as I wake up to the day
And find you by my side, breathing deep and slow
A flowing mane of to get lost in hiding the porcelain face below
It’s like standing outside time; a private bit of space
The way nothing else matters when I look into your face
If I stared for an eternity, would I simply cease to age?
Or would die a happy man with too many years to gauge?
Regardless of the way it falls, when I’m caught up in your eyes
I’m positive that as we grow, I’ll always be surprised
Not only by the angel form I’ve no doubt will maintain
But by the inner beauty that makes its home  inside your brain
I want nothing else but to create inspirations of your grace
A story such as this one here; thought up in your embrace
The Sun looked at the Snow one day and thought, “What a gorgeous view”
And when she looked into his shining face, Snow had thought the same thing too
There was beauty in their coexistence, and all the onlookers saw
The wonderment as Sun shone down and Snow started to slowly thaw
In her new form Snow found a way to flow across the land
And in her wake life sprung up where once the scene was bland
Cultivated by the warmth of a love which always gave;
The love of Sun, always on hand when Snow felt her smile cave.
A simple tale, something that came when I thought of me and you
My gorgeous Snow that brings new life to the world she passes through
And of course there’s me, the warming Sun, a heat your frost keeps tame
Who hopes you know is always here when you need to feel love’s flame.


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