Take a sip of cough syrup,
It’ll keep you right as rain.
Scratch at the notch,
Slip on a gold watch;
You won’t need to feel again.
Breathe all alone;
Breathe in the sea.
It gets so high
Flaking off, so dry;
Breathe a little easier without me.
It’s just a shot
In the dark, what could it hurt?
Build a bridge and burn it down,
We’ve come far into not knowing
Where we are now.
See into the future,
A glimpse of what we’ll never do.
Blur it out with chemicals;
Are you scared?
Me too.
Another drop in air pressure,
Feeling zero gravity’s call.
Cut the lines tethering down,
Bounce up against another wall.
Smile for the crowds;
Smile for all that they can’t see.
Look into the mirror, don’t disappoint
Turn away and let it be.


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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


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