...In saying these things,
There’s truth in my voice
And all that my eyes lay out for me.
A world of color, it sings,
By virtue of choice
I block out the greyscale
To let happiness be.
Everyone has their flame,
Do you delight
Bathing with the waters
Of a soul’s piercing light?
Seeing my halo laid out, wrapped up and around
My head and my throat, my perspective and sound?
Some look and applaud; some, sickened, turn away;
I pretend not to care, and at the end of the day.
Solace in my action soothes at the itch;
An angel, a sweetheart, a man of the meek,
Strength of my own heaven, but still so very weak.
Every sweet tooth
Risks a cavity;
What’s love without rough?
It’s needs balance to be.
That’s always the lesson
That’s been toughest to learn;
The thought that conflicts most
With what it means to be me.
Ah, but I know it, inside and all along.
A little dark thrum
At the back of my song.
A deep kick, a drumbeat;
Hello, my old friend.
I hold you back with my vices,
But you take me in the end.
Hunger, desire;
I burn with the sun.
Flame becomes fire;
I feel it inside of my lungs.
It twists, like a tree with tangled up roots.
Crashes, like the sea, marches on with black boots.
Built up in storm clouds, lightning is my strength,
Thundering my arrival, that’s all that it takes
To see the flicker of fear flash on my face;
Hidden in a half-grin, giving in, just a taste.
Brazen, yet I always flinch at the light
And it all drops away, I’m left quiet and bright.
New every time, overall I’m the same
Coming on strong with my thoughts,
In person I remain
Tame to a fault, the movement just outside my touch
Oblivious, human, unsheathed and still rough.
Discovering peace, in love and in pain;
Call me a creature, man is my name.
Two faces, two sides to a limitless coin.
A currency of value relative to belief;
I’ll be the peddler, you be the thief.
An angel in your eyes,
A devil to me.
I’ll never have the words
But you know what I mean...


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almost 7 years

Thanks Cory!

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


almost 7 years

Thank you, Theresa!
Always good to hear a compliment in the early stages of the day :)

almost 7 years

This is incredible! You have such a lyrical quality to your words, it's really very beautiful.

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