One of two sister poems

The horizon’s a mist
And you’ve passed away
My thoughts continue to drift
To the things we once had
Will we ever see the stars again?
I’m waiting for the spark to ignite.
Without a voice,
There’s a pit in my chest waiting to be filled
By the warmth of your loving embrace
The things I’m without; the drug that I need
I see your face in my dreams,
And my nightmares as much
Your eyes, just like yesterday
A day now so far in the past
Always sets my heart to fire
Mending and tearing, alternate through the night
Knowing that you smile gets me through the day
As I obsess over your silhouette
Content to know you’ve found what you want
Meanwhile I go back to searching
For a way to gather back what I’ve lost
I’m afraid for what’s next
More than you could ever know
Never forget my love
Honey, please don’t let me go


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