I enjoy nebulous expanses.
A charge of intensity reverberates
—Other sense coming to life.
The chiming catalyst of sound waves
Filter through me as wind and vibration.
I am the quiet solitude of the mountain.
I am the call of the lone, soaring eagle.
Intonation becomes liquid
—Surrounding, lapping, dynamic.
It embraces me as if we were one.
The sun imitates my light.
“Sun, which of us burns brighter?
My shell does not encase me
By the seeming longevity
Of your own passionate disquietude,
But surely we dissolve the same.
Do my echoes reach beyond
Your flaring ears and eyes?
”When I occupy dimness,
I feel myself radiant, invisible,
But alive in the music of life.
I release myself
To sight with no eyes;
Sense beyond perception.
I occupy a channel of emotion.
This river carries me within you.
Dwell with me in light, in passion.
Pervade the stillness of the heavens.
Processions of flame sway
Like waves of elemental transcendence.
—This consumes me.
Hands rest.
My mind is a silent window
Viewing a collective dream.
My serenity and solace
Diffuses the shadow sliding down the wall.
It cannot coexist
In the halcyon ascension of illumination.
Duality spirals only with itself.
Clouds drift over me as waves.
—I am cleansed.
Time is of the sky.
Eternity– of the heart.


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