Enter here where the roses
Lean in to listen
To the rift-tide eye
That lives in the sky
Of every experience
That ever enriched you.
Where time was evenly spaced
To tell you every thought that graced
What lovers make of broken parts
That fill the soul of weathered hearts.
Where the night goes spinning
In silver light pinning
The belly of curiosity,
Pressing and undressing
The shadow of a mind
Where mouth and hips
And lips aligned.
Where nothing could hide
The lascivious tide
Where the soul is shook
And satisfied.
Enter here where the door
Is barred to barrenness.
And there are no veils
To lace their tales
With temporal drapery.
Where there are no
Analytical, psycho-cyclical
Spires of disjointed thought.
No stalactites to bounce requites
Off the meaning of our words
Filling the stars with endless nights
To blaze in polycrystalline lights.
Enter here where the arms
That reach out to hold you
Quake with the heart of truth
That drowns the seed of doubt.
Where you needn’t ask
If I see the mask
Of chimera and casuistry
Worn by the lanterns
Of fastidious minds,
Or whether I wear my own.
Where spirit meets spirit
And you know when you hear it
In the flesh that cries for yours.
Enter here where the vagabonds
In the sands of time
Merge in a hologram
Of sap-trap amber
And rhyme.
Where hearth and home
Were moved in the nameless,
The pure and the blameless,
And the wisps of some great melody
That sang for you
And sang for me.
Where the hearts of all
You’ve ever loved
Could never weep again,
Could never sleep again
To dream the dunes
That shift in tunes
Of sorrows
And tomorrows.
Enter where the fixtures
In empty houses
Resound in the light of a doorway
Pouring through the hallways
Of suspended lives.
Where the wars of man
Fall into spheres of silence.
Where judgment and infringement
The hatred and impingement,
Meet the way and meet the will
To listen to what would love us still,
Spilling with its voiceless voice
That all of this has been our choice.

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Fantastic as usual.

Cory Garcia
over 4 years

I don't have the words to say how ___ this song is
...nor would I want to speak them if I did

Instead most contentedly
...I would choose to listen

Thank you for sharing sister poet :)

Barb Clarke
almost 5 years

Like this a lot, well written

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