The mountain wind, the drifting fog
The spinning of another cog
Disengaging my restraint
Enlivening what has grown faint
Solicitude that goes unknown
I travel in silence, I travel alone
I stand upon a vantage crest
My heart is naked, beating; blessed
A welded spiral climbs the wall
The mists outside the window call
An iridescent, gazing orb
Containing me while I absorb
The pooling remnants of desire
Blazing like a Prometheus fire
Watching rainbows diffuse the sky
A thought that passes through my eye
I seek to reason, to understand
She passes through like drifting sand
It’s growing loud, there’s something there
Drawing away in ubiquitous stare
I am not what you are to me
And so I let the unspoken be
The solitude is so consuming
The gift begotten of assuming
Shaking in lascivious subsistence
Struggling with a dark insistence
Primal voices invade the night
While I watch explosions of colored light
Patient in the seamless tear
It sleeps inside the wild air


unrequited love, desire, love, poetry, couplets, consuming, solitude, silence, stream of consciousness

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anubis love anderson
about 6 years

I can dig it

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