My mind is a wanderer;
No immutable pebble or stone.
Eclipsed by adumbrate billows,
It wanders all alone.
And in its psychical journey,
I viewed an era or two.
One dissolved me quite completely
In the forever that is you.
It left upon my tongue
A bicameral taste.
And now I long to touch
All that you’ve embraced.
How it would be better
To know of your intent.
Intensity colors the world,
Refusing to relent.
Coalesce in clairvoyance,
To complect our mental threads;
To feel the steady river
Flowing through our heads.
In form it is quite evident,
Though distant are your eyes,
That I am here unraveling
In the movement of my sighs.
What words could be the jewels
To adorn the respiring chest;
To navigate the ocean floor;
To take you to its crest?
A moment in this flesh,
A moment in this mind;
I drift from thought to thought
To leave the world behind.
My mind is a wanderer,
No immutable pebble or stone.
And in an evanescent dream,
I wander all alone.

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