I find it quite compelling,
The way you pervade the sound.
The way you cling to my thoughts
Like silence, deep; profound.
It dances with my mind,
And swims across my skin.
To place in me a map
Of where I should begin.
To cleanse the taint of time,
And echo through a drift
The ways to live in love;
To pull us through its rift.
And if I could meet your eyes,
I would behold your light.
That intensity of connection
That surged in me that night.
So, here is every petal
That blossoms in my mind;
That blanket empty spaces
With feelings undefined.
And we will drift like stars
Across a sphere-like blur,
To see the whole of things
Before they shall occur.
To know that in this stillness
That lingers in my head,
These words are all the greater
Because they are unsaid.
And in another life,
I’m sure I knew you then.
And loved a thousand ways
What I shall love again.
You inspire me endlessly,
Like a steady, flowing stream
That burns in me a message,
And wakes me from this dream.


love, desire, lgbt, lesbian, passion, romance, timelessness, nonduality, recurring

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