Mirrored images spread forth the power of self realization,
Catalyzing the ancient state of being
Which offers itself without restriction.
Freely with benevolence unto empty hands which lack,
Planting within the line-marked skin that which never fades.
Freely unto the troubled minds awaiting the gentle current
Of warmth, unity, peace, and love.
Freely, this mirrored image reveals itself through Beauty;
The galactic light wave filtering through the thin and
Evaporating clouds.
Not to expel the crepuscule that looms with heaviness,
But to shine forth and deliver the sweet harmony which states,
“Never was this so.”
Here, we connect, direct, convect the effect of Art.
The old souls residing in vessels bursting
With understanding, designs, ideas, aspirations.
Past, present, future preserved in the emanating
Projections from these Artisans of unending form.
Ye bards, sing forth from inspiration.
Sing like the sages with experienced eyes, wise minds,
And spill forth like jugs of sanctified water
The melodies which move you; which uplift others.
In the ascension of others dwells your own.
Sway in the rhythm of change,
Until change is needed no longer.
Create, ye artists of all the elements of the earth.
Paint the fabric for future generations.
Reveal the mind’s eye view,
Send forth thy message;
The smiling child, the light of dawn…
In the transportation of perception resides the gift.
For you, even in the cocoon of silence,
Can transpire a universal shift.
Write, ye constructors of words and masters of language.
Piece together the streaming consciousness.
Speak of the Now and then, speak of the where and when.
And when thy voice grows weary and lungs lose wind,
Know, poets, your words shall live in the stars.
The boundary lines of distance disappear
In the overwhelming beauty of interconnected extension
Of creativity and unified purpose.
Invoke the presence of emotion and stir within
The centers of the masses a voice of Reason and Hope
For here, our mirrored images reflect ourselves,
Reveal to one another the presence of life,
And map the webs of all working as One.
In this Mirror dwells the tale that Beauty
Shall cease to possess an identity.
Beauty…will merely blossom eternally.


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