For the Vagabonds

Walking along a stone-marked trail
Spinning another wanderer’s tale
People keep on passing by
I’m seeing them with another eye
We have known hunger. We have known pain
We have known passion felt in vein
It matters not where we have been
But rather where we go again
An insect grazed my fingertip
As I set upon another trip
Speaking with women on the street
Dressed in black and incomplete
Speaking out about mental illness
Shooting me through mental stillness
Seeking again the pleasured thrills
Reciting the beauty as it spills
And paints anew this stone-marked trail
As I spin again a wanderer’s tale
My home within your beating heart
Was opened up and spread apart
So I could be alone, not lonely
To understand what is not only
Another shard that cuts anew
What was before my thoughts of you
Walking, listening, beginning
Unprovoked this joyful grinning
Bearing a smile before I bend
Bearing a smile so I can mend
You read about a healing spirit
Listen…can you hear it?
A storm is waiting in the skies
A storm is living in her eyes
Speaking with a quiet, young man
Of wanting to be all that we can
Racial slurs that soaked within
His troubles, loud, for but his skin
Matriarchs sending daughters to college
“Do your best and acquire knowledge”
And I went on the stone-marked trail
Spinning another wanderer’s tale
The winter was long, the winter was cold
I felt so young, I felt so old
Now the birds are here for spring
I lose myself in the songs they sing
She disappears when I draw near
But know me there and feel me here
I love you just as love itself
I love you as I love myself
Playful laughter in the distance
Destroying another wave of resistance
A neighbor yells, “Fuck this! Fuck that!
I do not like the place I’m at”
The sun breaks through the billowed clouds
And people arrive in buzzing crowds
“Sorry to break your quiet space”
I am a mirror without a face
I feel anew the drops of rain
I feel again what makes me sane
I left my home before I knew it
So once again I could pursue it
I keep a readied pen in hand
As I walk again an unknown land
Stopping along the stone-marked trail
Spinning another wanderer’s tale

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