There was a hidden doorway
Made of thickest stone
I tried my best to enter
I gave it crown and throne
I fought with deepest want
I bore to it my heart
I stood as still as silence
I created endless art
And still it would not open
And I felt so defeated
Like everything within me
Was utterly depleted
I hid myself away
“Why, something must be wrong...”
So much was there inside me
It echoed fierce and strong
And slowly I would wither
For there was no more to give
And sometimes it was hard
To truly want to live
I never felt so vulnerable
So purposely confused
Like all that shone within me
Was coveted and used
To be some entertainment
For doors so tightly melded
Concealing the laughing heart
That to another welded
And the sickest part of all
Was that I wanted more
I wanted all that love
Like I never had before
I saw my thin reflection
In a subtle change of light
That gave me just enough
To breathe again and fight
To know that I’m enough
And worth some passing glance
When it all comes through again
And I need another chance
To discover something real
And cleanse the burning ache
From what would make me tremble
And cause my earth to quake
And it waits behind a doorway
Made of thickest stone
I sit before it a stranger
Watchful and alone


broken heart, love, heartache, desire, doorway, stone, earth, simple, rhyme, quatrain, poem, words, writer, will, fight, growth, healing, desire

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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

I would have the tendency to kick it in, but since patience is a virtue, I should wait. I should give it my all and hope that is enough. I should say that I am worthy of finding what is on the other side. I guess I will find it if I want it bad enough. I hope I interpreted it right. How did I do? I really look forward to reading your poems. Keep'em coming. Great poem. Very deep

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
about 4 years

The door will open, never concede defeat. At times it just comes down to patience.Wonderful poem.

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