The Dreamer

Eyes explore as if you were a book
And every word was unfolding
The space of mind I cannot find
Unless I am beholding
What escapes my tender speech
What invades me madly and deep
And for all the thoughts I think
Only some I am to keep
We manifest our own desires
Until we redirect
What we see comes but from us
The reverse of cause and effect
It is a funny thing
When flames dance with flames
And they seem to call out to you
In different ancient names
I see it in reflection
As swirls of color collide
And I have a funny feeling
I’m on a magical ride
That shows to me the path
Where possible is the way
To reposition disposition
To hear what substance would say
A moment will arrive
When all the beauty is still
And reminds me of the rarity
Of some enchanted will
I descended from the pillar
Where I watched as though the wind
That passes through like water
And filters down the bend
Oh how time will fly
When every second passes
Like fleeting shooting stars
Like supernovious gasses
But it clings like a melody
Vibrating in my heart
I felt it by the river
Where all the dreamers start
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