I saw a fair maiden
Bright flowers she played in
In a land overlooking the sea
No longer drawn
By the rays of dawn
There’s nowhere else I’d be
The eyes of a specter
Would slowly direct her
To the darkened water she sails
As I would be told
And I would be bold
I followed her nightly trails
Into the forest
I hunted this florist
Driven mad by scent
The redness of lips
The swaying of hips
The hunger will not relent
She came to a clearing
As I was nearing
Hidden by darkness and trees
She gazed at the sky
The moon in her eye
To winter spirits appease
Closer I came
To that fair dame
Heart pounding in ears
For no other quest
Has quite so oppressed
My long and lonely years
Slowly she turned
For death she yearned
My cold eyes ablaze
So deeply I breathed
Composure unsheathed
Yet still my hunger obeys
The sadness within
Her blackest of sin
Caught me by surprise
She held no fear
As I did appear
Anguish in her eyes
“Closer,” she pleaded
My coldness receded
“Make me as this rose”
“Sanguine and fading
Essence cascading
A thousand decrescendos”
She held out her arm
Awaiting my harm
As somberly we smiled
A moment we savored
As night was flavored
Of flowers, fierce and wild
As I took in
The essence within
I held in arms a weakness
A slow draw of breath
Had welcomed her death
And birthed in me a meekness
The forest I left
With greatest of theft
And yet a mercy tainted
For in me she flowed
The gift she bestowed
Upon the stars I painted
That I saw a fair maiden
The bright flowers she played in
In a land overlooking the sea


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Sparkle Poetics
about 6 years

Thank you. :) I always listen to music when I write and often find words when sitting at my piano. The two are inseparable to me. I'm glad the cadence found you, and may inspiration surround you always.

Robert L. Martin
over 6 years

I was singing a melody when I read your poem. It had a nice flow to it.

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