The Passage

I had not sight for guidance.
That cavern of emotion
Which encloses upon me
In suffocating darkness,
Can only be navigated
By the willingness to feel.
There is an ache beyond words -
That longing for completion.
The symbiosis of the universe
Permeates the nucleus of my identity
–Dissolve my ego mind.
There, enfolded in the center of centers,
I feel the oscillation of duality.
There is a yearning beyond time.
It stretches like a membrane
Over old and splintered bones.
A remnant of my former torment
Arrives like a careless stranger,
Ready to renew acquaintance.
I feel so deeply such contrasts.
The fluent warmth of hope,
The lifeless numbness of desolation.
Do I bear to you my heart?
Are you listening?
I am painfully absent.
Distant and dreaming as I traverse
The stars which paint my mind.
This endowment of wonder
Cuts me with an ardor
Beyond my ability of articulation.
Bound by the velocity
Which displaces clouds forever,
I stay a moment with you.
I listened to the enchanting lore
Of a thousand blissful lifetimes
When I gazed into her eyes.
I live in possibilities.
Enveloped by the coral-colored sky,
I epitomized the incandescence
That guided me to her.
Would I have rather never known?
The sun illuminates the expanse
Of an Oklahoma sky.
A trail of dust dances on the horizon
As I observe the flight of birds.
Amidst the weeds and thorns
Of my animated mind,
I brace myself to journey
Through a suffocating darkness,
Only to be navigated
By the willingness to feel.
Do I bear to you my heart?
Are you listening?


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