conspired lover

to every bad relationships

As may that it is, even though you are such a
Or a disheveled, ruffian, but I can’t compete
With the hoard
Shouting in loud bars, even though you are a welder,
A shelter, a citadel, a rock, locks which closes
My sadness!
Such an elixir you are, how can we engender into
the world of cruelty, dishonor, lies and walk miles,
Now we are out of the red, a corpulent responsibility
are as follows and borrowed for a meaning,
Meaning to distraught others dreams,
Keep reality wailing and crumbling on our feet,
But you know I can’t infringe my responsibility
Like the six packs you always put in the fridge,
I try to relinquish the minorities because I haven’t got
The abilities to harbor them,
I come as a juggernaut to perpetuate and destroy our


try to put end in a bad relationship, a relationship with no gain or aim.


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