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He's with us

Take a look at the road where we all started
 My future, your future, our future
When the time comes
 How will we all contain in our own little body,
How will the world see our own shinning talent?
 Our own little space and our own seeking heart
Even though we all stay on our own dreamland
 We step on the marble floor of our dreamland,
Tiled and hopeful thoughts in our own little mind
 We are two and more broken pieces
Different-ethnic, different-color
 Perhaps colors makes no different, they say
But in the world we live in,
 It does cause a seizure,
When the time comes,
 Wait, watch and learn as we all sprinkle
Our heart and love on what we believe in,
 What is not deceiving and greatly
What we all connect with
  Wait and Watch.
steven le poet


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