forever or never will thy bar crows utterly aroused?
Or thy bell rung with town crier announced!
Nay, even if the tune or the bell or the large pythons
Covered in a well attacks?, no human of thy kind shall flop
Or slip into the well will be deceased.
Thou past and my past speaks and clatters and swim
And adjourned our fears, long red-beret worn by our fears
In the next water-falls, swimmingly they arose holding a
Crafted thick-plank; this is our midpoint i cried,
We shall make no steps nor move an inch but
We are close enough to our greatest fears,
thou men and my men shall conquer nor spare our enemy’s
To live or to rest never, never.



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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Nicely done!

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Cory Garcia steven ~Randomness rocks, and Poetry Rules~

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