the sound-cloud

The sound-cloud with a silence act,
 White soft smoke with a bright
Foamy art,
The sound-cloud travels with light
 And circles in an area,
It shrinks and sometimes it blinks
 With an heart-breaking violence,
The sound-cloud is fixed, irrational
 Yet unexpected brightness are optional,
When the sound-cloud breath with
 A soft smile and it breaths and breaths
For survival and for breath,
I reckoned the sound-cloud originate
 Sounds without an alternate help– i reckon,
It communicate and live on streaming,
 What is the sound-cloud?
The sound-cloud is like a measles-pox contact
 In a snowy winter,
Cold– while the snows melt and the flood  stays afloat,
 Warm– while the sun helps shine and alight the day,
Perhaps we are the greatest sound-cloud. we are


i wrote this when i was at my science-class


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