These dead nights couldn’t go by much slower, but a pencil and my thoughts keep me from sinking lower
Into the abyss, where nothing but darkness and aloneness exist
Suspended in vastness, your mind you try and find
Body vibrating to the music of the mimes
Silence is now screaming in your ears, for the time has come to confront all your fears
Mind over matter, but consciousness above all. If ego had a height yours would be 12 ft tall
That’s four cocky midgets all bundled into one, no armor on this planet could protect you from this gun
'Cause I’m blasting off the truth like a realized astronaut, we’re all horses in a stable but I’m moving at a faster trot
The clouds on Venus couldn’t dim my shine because I’m connected with space, like time
Rhymes are the players but “meaning” is the ultimate goal, I wanna meditate on the moon and watch the Earth as it strolls
Along its orbit, so predictable it is, but even so, how could one not be humbled by this?


mind over matter but consciousness above all

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