Just when I learned
to try and trust
and try out all that trusting
You came around
from a stop downtown
the snow on the streets distracted us
Time marched on
together, but alone
Sometimes, we would make love
You said this,
I said that.
Sometimes, we both missed the bus
A cab came along
we came up with a song
with just enough lyrics to say stuff
The beat came in -
again and again -
it felt nice,
just like they would talk about
The sounds tuned down
the clocks were wound.
Somehow, time had skipped by
But, we did too
Silly fools.
We met.
We kissed
We got lost.
Then, GPS!
Such a success
Navigation saved the day
You knew it, too
in that shallow pool.
Two dips are better than one
But, that dip did this
and that this did dip.
Suddenly, things were roughed up
I meant no harm.
You caused no harm.
we were ready for our close-ups
I love you, too.
It’s fine - you’re cool.
Sometimes, I just got scared
Like, when you and I tried
hard not to try.
Why couldn’t we ever give up?
Someday soon,
maybe, in June
Somehow, things may be alright
Like when we first met -
so, let’s make a bet,
and feel no regret
I’ll miss you,
like when I lost my iPhone.
~Susan Marie Croshaw
May 2nd, 2009

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