From his hair follicles, to the bottom of his feet,
From his shoulder caps, to the end of his pelvic crease,
Is what I love to see.
The arch in his eye, the long thick curl in his lash,
straight teeth, crooked teeth as long as their always clean.
From the strength in the jaw bone as he chews,
to the bulge in his Adams apple I cannot refuse,
I even LOVE his strong back bone, to the front chest area......captivates me!
That perfect line down the middle leading to the happy trail just makes me say EWW WEE
The tightness of his ass seeming OH so plump,
back to the front with water trickling down both sides of his soft spoken pelvic crease,
makes me say thank you GOD for this beautiful dark chocolate man.
Even better comes the eight inch stick of delight,
As I daydream of how it would look with out anything covering it,
From its mushroom shaped head......with the dot in the middle,
To the long veiny pipe; so strong dangling right in the center.
As my eyes begin to travel, and my thought begin to get deeper,
I realize that there is more, I see a nice strong thigh surrounded by hair,
meeting up with the luscious fragile knee cap going down to the chin wrapped around the bony ankle.
I even love the way your toes stretch to the end of the equator,
you see baby i love the way GOD made you.....
A man, a strong man, a gentle man
so sensitive and sweet
your my MAN!!!!!!!!!!


To all my beautiful BLACK men...Latinos, Whites, etc.

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The Genes I Wear
quasi 7 anni

...all I can say is WOW

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