Lord, I’m weak
But thou art strong
I’m insufficient
yet you complete me
I’m unwise
But your wisdom is infinite
I’m unworthy of your love
But you’re merciful  
and patient
It’s true
Without you I’m lost and insecure
You’re the map of my world
What would I do without you
In my darkness you light up my world
Who would I be without you
Your grace brought me through
Valley after valleys
—I don’t know where I’d be without you
So Dear Lord, lead me I pray
and make your face to shine upon me from day to day
Consume my life today and always
I give you my home, my heart, my passions, my dreams-all my desires
Into your hands, my life, I commit
For without you, I’d be nothing–
And probably dead
Yet the plain truth is
I should have been…
But you kept me
Thank you for grace.
Copyright © 2015


grace, mercy, God, thanks

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