Breath In. Breath Out. With each breath my heart races. I am having a panic attack.
My breathing is fast. I’m struggling for breath. I can’t control this feeling.
My legs are weak. I’m loosing my senses. My hands are shivering and shaking.
I hide in the dark. Ashamed and breathless. Crying uncontrollably.
Breath In. Breath Out. Calm down and relax. Self talk is quiet and whispered.
My faint like state is surreal and vague. I need someone to take me.
Vulnerable. Upset. Frantic. Angry. My emotions are irrational.
As the waves pass by, my sight is clearer and hauntings are in the distant haze.


I have had a few panic attacks recently and wanted to express how it feels to people who have not experienced them.

Anxiety, panic, breath easy

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Tasha Hall
Environ 7 ans

Thank you for your comment x

Environ 7 ans

Wow. I can totally relate to this.

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