The darkside of the land

The darkside of the land

The land was dark, the lights were off we have been searching for the answers but we got none, where was light at that time?.who knew where was the moon at that time but no one knew the answer the darkest nights always brings darkest clouds.

But our land always took number 1 position, the man was walking with his eyes closed because he lost his eye sight, he couldn’t  see what he was doing but he felt each and every touch it wasn’t his eyes.
It was the darkest night its what we call the darkside of the land.Everything was dark, the moon couldn’t even light up nothing couldn’t bypass this! darkness took its cause because people are afraid to do what is right for them 
The question is are we here to stay or are we here to visit in this planet?, we will always have each other’s backs no matter how dark it is. We always have what is called light.
I was inside the train when it was snowing and it started to be dark. I told myself that nothing is impossible, I cant see a butterfly because it flies on dark world.

This poem it says a lot about those people who are afraid to take chances. In life you don't have to hesitate you have to fight for your future. No matter how dark or light it is.

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