What is love?

To south africans

What is love, what is love when one cannot find one
When one doesn’t know  what love is,
We have been hurt by those whom we thought they
Are loved ones. We keep on asking how this world would be if love hasn’t existed, we are asking how this world would be if love hasn’t took its course.

What is love?, without honesty, respect what are we without the love been given by our loved ones. Love will always be love and complications will always play a part.
Why do we keep on blaming love whenever we get hurt, why do we behave irrational whenever we loose loved ones?.

Are we scared to be alone or are we scared to be laughed by our friends. What is love people when we can grab a chair live with those we love. Love is beautiful and sweet only when you have a gentle hands. The sun will shine and the day will fade but love will always be love.

What is love, love is when you bring family, friends and everybody in your life. I believe in love but it is unpredictable, sometimes its sweet sometimes it is sour. Ye who created us also created love. I told myself that I wont follow love but yet ill let it come to me.


We as africans we ask ourselves that what is love

great is love

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