I deadened to be the sunshine that cradled your day, losing my light but to gently fade away.
walking through fire, i watched you slowly turn, i silenced my cries just to ease your burn.
lost in your nightmare, gone is my endless will, facing your demons i saw you smile standing still.
held prisoner to all evil i was deep in your blackened heart, a burdened slayed soul i know to be you gladly ripped me apart.
sanctuary i am from which you feed, you stole my breath in your endless greed.
misery knocks but to haunt my dreams, deafened by hate in your gallows of screams.
collect my soul now for you will never sleep, relishing in vain by every tear i weep.
crush my bones to crawl from your jaded depths of hell, free i am from the war you foolishly seethe and dwell.

my demon

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